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Are you struggling with weak pelvic floor muscles?

Incontinence or bladder control and dysfunction?

Perhaps you suffer From sexual dysfunction Due to this and have not been able to enjoy an intimate relationship like you once did.

This is not a taboo subject as many women silently suffer from this and feel it is just something they’re must live with.

Tesla care is a breakthrough treatment that helps with a wide range of health conditions in both men and women.

From incontinence, sexual dysfunction and vaginal tightening, Tesla care is a world first device helping many patients to restore control of their bladder, pelvic floor muscles and take control of their sexual enjoyment.

This non-invasive device gives a complete and total intimate makeover while clients remain fully clothed & without a therapist in the room.

This walk-in walk procedure is non-invasive and comfortable Clients remain fully clothed while Tesla care effectively stimulates pelvic floor muscles and increases blood flow.

This chair utilizes electromagnetic energy to stimulate supramaximal pelvic contractions.

One single session stimulates over 20,000 kegel exercises and provides relief from many ailments including
– Incontinence
– Pelvic floor dysfunction
– Vagina tightening
– Erectile dysfunction
– Bladder control
– Intimate Health
– Leakage
– Stress incontinence

Continued treatment (8-10 sessions) has been proven to improve erectile dysfunction, incontinence, regained control over Pelvic muscles, and vaginal tightening.

$190 for one session

$1650 10 sessions (recommended)

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