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The worlds #1 muscle sculpting device with added Radio Frequency.

Build the booty of your dreams by activating your glutes and inducing POWERFUL gluteal contractions equivalent to doing 30,000 squats or sit ups.
Ultra muscle Sculpting is a revolutionary treatment. It is the single most fastest way to simultaneously build muscle and burn fat.Sculpt Body & Wellness Clinic is home to the worlds #1 sculpting machine – ULTRA TESLA.

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“This revolutionary technology”

We use the latest cutting edge technology UltraTesla to sculpt and tone the abdomen arms buttocks and legs. This revolutionary technology is a world first for toning and sculpting and building muscle whilst burning fat simultaneously.
Ultra Tesla sends powerful waves of high intensity electromagnetic energy to induce powerful supramaximal muscle contractions at 100% capacity. Whilst this rapid electromagnetic Therapy Causes involuntary muscle contractions, the result is an improvement in tone, contour, and muscle definition even after the first treatment.. with continued improvement every session thereafter.

The Rapidly Changing Magnetic Field induces electric waves in the tissue where it polarizes neural membranes and governs motor units in the target muscle tissue, causing concentric contractions, During treatment, the muscles are contracted to supramaximal levels, which is forced to adapt to such extreme conditions. Intensive supramaximal contractions enhance the release of epinephrine which triggers a cascade effect leading to supramaximal lipolysis in fat cells.
Meanwhile, the muscle responds with a deep remodeling of its inner structure, induces the growth of myofibrils (muscle hypertrophy), the creation of new protein strands, and the growth of muscle fibers (muscle hyperplasia). The process results in increased muscle density and volume.
With added RF function for skin tightening, Ultra Tesla is the fastest way to simultaneously build muscle and burn fat. Combining two incredible technologies in a single treatment delivers better, and more noticeable results than ever before. Ultra tesla has been shown to reduce fat tissue by up to 30% and build muscle by up to 25% on average.

1 session $299
8 sessions $2392
10 Sessions $2990

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