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Using only the finest premium grade dermal fillers and antiwrinkle products, our team of advanced Senior Cosmetic Injectors specializes in thread lifts, PDO hydrating threads, cellulite treatments, PRP, liquid facelifts, dermal filler, and antiwrinkle facial rejuvenation, fat dissolving, and butt lift treatments to name a few.
With an eye for detail and creative flare, our clients are guaranteed youthful, rejuvenated skin whilst enhancing one’s natural beauty, with minimal downtime.

3 Areas from – $332
Luscious Lips from – $344
Cheeks from – $459
Chin argumentation from – $516
Lips + 3 Areas anti wrinkle from – $689
Tear Trough treatment – $747
Jawline from – $516
Fat Dissolving (Chin) – $344
Temples from – $516
Lip Flip – $86
Bunny Lines – $98
Mole Removal – $172
Pre treatment care:
Don’t consume alcohol 24 hrs prior to treatment ( may increase risk of bruising)
Avoid anti-inflammatory/blood thinning medication ( unless medically prescribed) such as aspirin, vitamin E, ginkgo Biloba, ginseng, St Johns Wort, omega 3/fish oil, ibuprofen, etc
Book in your appt at least 2 weeks prior to your special event you are attending to allow full effects to appear
If you are prone to cold sores take a prophylactic anti-viral medication prior to the treatment appointment
Reschedule your appt if you have an active cold sore, rash, or blemish on the area
Vaccinations ( COVID/FLU etc) need to be at least 2 weeks prior to any Dermal filler or anti-wrinkle
Post treatment care:
Avoid high intensity exercise for 24 hours
Avoid rubbing the area injected for 24 hours
Avoid heavy alcohol consumption for 24 hours
Remain upright for 4 hours post treatment ( Anti wrinkle)
Anti wrinkle will start to take effect within 2-4 days
Full effect in approx. 2 weeks
Anti wrinkle will last approx. 3-4 months & filler 12-18 months (individual results will vary)
Bruising and swelling may take up to 2 weeks to subside post filler treatment
Dermal Filler: use Arnica/ Hirudoid Cream to minimize bruising
& cool compress for 15 minutes each hour to minimize swelling

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