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At grace lashpro we understand that exceptional training is fundamental to your success. Our approach is simple. We provide the most comprahensive eyelash extension training designed specifically for those seeking to lash like a pro and be armed with the latest and most advanced skills and techniques. We have seen first hand the effects of poor training & students feeling lost with zero support once training is complete. Our courses have been created to bridge this gap by providing our students with unparalleled knowledge & confidence to not only begin but thrive in their lash career.

Our online & hands on classes empower our students for success through our unique innovative lash techniques and comprehensive theory & practical training. Our success is purely based on our students success & we insist to stay in touch with our students after training & provide ongoing support

There has never been a better time to learn lash extentions with pintrest declaring this as the worlds fastest growing industry with over 100% increase in searches for lash extensions worldwide. If you are sick of long office hours and dream of a flexible lifestyle business where you get to choose your own hours, on your own terms & work from anywhere there has never been a better time.

Our training methods are specifically designed by our experienced nala educator grace hanna.

Grace first began her professional career in 2016. Her passion for precision & meticulous attention to detail distinctly set her apart within thebeauty industry. Forever educating herself and steadily building her repertoire, grace’s work has been published in international magazines multiple times(lash inc)

As her social media following grew so did the demand for her educator role, with daily requests from aspiring artists requesting beginner & advanced courses. In 2018, grace developed her own product line the lash keepers™️ her objective was to carefully create world- class curated products & tools to allow passionate artists to work more efficiently. The lash keepers® became a global success that continues to grow daily with distribution all over the world.

In 2019, grace travelled again to expand and be endorsed as a nala educator (national association of lash artists). Nala is an internationally recognised organisation that advocates regulatory guidelines as well as academy accreditation for professionals in the lash industry. Nala is the benchmark in lash education that ensures all teachers, educators and mentors are teaching students the best possible quality education. In 2020 , grace completed her tae as her business consequently had a high demand for teaching and educating

Grace will share with you everything there is to know to stand out in a competitive market & elevate your business including
* How to stand out & thrive in your business
* Lash Health & safety
* Detailed advanced cirriculam
* Safe lash application
* Full product knowledge
* Trouble shooting
*Advanced styling techniques
* Wispy & textured effects
* Adhesive Chemistry and how to ensure max retention every time
* Photography
* Social media marketing
* How to attract & cultivate your ideal client
* Social media marketing & content creation
* Creating portfolio work
* Ongoing support
* + much much more!


In person $1300

This course is designed for anyone with no prior experience needed. It is jam packed with invaluable information to ensure you finish this with confidence to begin & succeed in classic lashing.

*Start up & set up – A list of everything you need to begin & excel in your lash career

* 10% lifetime student discount for all lash products & a list of essentials

*Preparation of client including bed set up, lash tile set up, eye pads, taping, cleansing & priming

* Lash health & safety

* Lash growth cycle

* Patch testing & allergic reactions

* Contrainications & when you should NOT lash a client

* Hygiene & sanitation

* Client consultation

* Eye shapes & suitable mapping

* Precise isolation & attachment

* Lash Application from start to finish

* Removals & infills

* Adhesive chemistry & how to ensure max retention every single time

* Correct glue dipping & misting

*Pricing & automatic booking systems

* Photography & lighting

* Introduction to social media

* What to post & when

* Lash mapping for different effects including open eye, cat eye & wispy effect

* Ensuring high customer returns

*Ongoing Support & access to online portal

*+ Much much more

In person $1500 /

This course is designed for those already trained in classics & would like to increase their services & profit to include hand made russian volume.


10% lifetime student discount

* Eye shape styling

* Our signature strip lash styling

* working with 0.03, 0.04, 0.05 & 0.07

* Variety of fanning techniques

* Adhesives & which is right for you

* Correct Glue dipping

* Weight calculation

* Volume wrapping

* Correct attachment & placement

* Removals & infills

* Seamless bonding

Ensuring high customer returns

* Social media

* Photography & lighting

* + Much more

Have you had previous eyelash extension training and feel like it wasn’t enough? Or perhaps its been a while since you had training and you need a refresher too update your skills.

At Grace LashPro we can provide you with Private mentorship that is completely focused on you. It is a completely personalised hands on one on one private education program for those wanting intense training in a private setting.

The benefits of private mentorship is having a program that is completely tailer made to your needs. This personalised program includes guidance on any topic you may struggle with,as well as having our educator address your positioning, hand placement and posture to ensure many years pain free and comfortable lashing.

We also address and help you tweak very specific skills to improve isolation, speed and attachment . Constructive criticism, tips and tricks & all the essentials to take your skills and business to the next level.

Classic mentoring $150/hr Min 4 hours
Volume mentorship $170/hr Min 4 hours

Classes can be as a one off or monthly for how ever long you need.

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